Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM)

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Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM) Training

Expand your knowledge and build practical skills around Disciplined Agile, business agility, leadership, and team development.

PMI Disciplined Agile (DA) Authorized Training Partner Agile and Scrum Training from Vitality Chicago Inc.

Course Summary

Disciplined Agile Scrum Master is a nine-lesson, instructor-led course that shows you how to use Disciplined Agile (DA) to improve your team’s way of working.

In just 3 half-days, you’ll become familiar with foundational agile and lean practices that DA supports, practice using the tool kit to solve problems, and learn how to build high-performance teams.

Filled with activities, animations, supplemental reading, and more, this course will prepare you to take the Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM) exam and, equally important, start using Disciplined Agile immediately.


Vitality Chicago’s Disciplined Agile training program provides attendees with additional value-added resources and services. Students that attend Vitality Chicago’s Disciplined Agile training will have access to:

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Key Learning Outcomes

Following this training, participants will be able to:

  1.  Understand the DA mindset and its underlying principles, such as pragmatism, the power of choice, and adapting to context
  2. Learn about the fundamentals of agile and lean, and how to use both approaches to produce business value
  3. Explore multiple agile and lean techniques from methods such as Scrum, Kanban, SAFe®, and more
  4. Understand how to put these techniques into action and ensure effective implementation
  5. Apply the Disciplined Agile tool kit to discover the best way of working (WoW) for you and your team in your unique context


Upcoming Public Training Courses

  • Learn from the experience of participants from other companies
  • Early bird pricing is available
  • Courses are run every month
  • PMI members may claim 14 PDUs
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  • Prior to the workshop, students must have a copy of the book Choose Your WoW! A Disciplined Agile Delivery Handbook. PMI members can download a free copy.  
  • Read Section 1 of Choose Your Wow! Book

Course Logistics

  • The course will be delivered live by Jonathan Lee, PMI Certified Disciplined Agile Instructor (CDAI), through Video Conferencing and Online collaboration tools
  • Students are highly encouraged to have video cameras on during the workshop to enhance collaboration and engagement among attendees
  • Students Course Materials will be provided one day before the session
  • Class size is limited to 21 attendees

Agile and Scrum Training Vitality Chicago Inc.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is for people who:

  • Are new to Agile, Lean, and Disciplined Agile
  • May have heard about Agile, Lean, and Disciplined Agile (DA) but have not taken any training in the past and want to learn to practice DA
  • Want to hone their Team Lead skills 
  • Want to advance their career and get certified in Disciplined Agile

DASM Exam Details

  • One free voucher for the DASM exam is included in the course registration fee
  • Candidates need to take the DASM exam within 60 days after the DA instructor submits the roster to PMI to use the free exam voucher
  • The DASM exam is hosted online by Pearson VUE; it is not proctored
  • Candidates can take the exam any time of the day or night
  • There are 50 questions are on the exam
  • Students get 90 minutes to take the exam
  • PMI does not share the passing score for the DASM exam
  • If a candidate does not pass the exam on the first attempt, they may re-take the exam for a $150 fee
  • If a candidate fails the DASM exam 3 times, they will need to re-take the training course
  • The renewal cycles for the DASM certification is 1 year and the PDU requirement is 7 PDUs

Considering A Private Training Course?

  • Save time and money by bringing our trainer to you
  • Everyone hears the same message and learns common Disciplined Agile terminology
  • The class can accommodate up to 20 participants 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of students are joining courses? Are they coming from a Scrum background, PMI background or a mix?

  • 78% of students have their PMP certifications
  • 22% of students did not have any certification at all
  • 31% of the students have, in addition to PMP, other agile certifications such as Scrum Alliance, Scrum.org, SAFe, and PMI (PMI-ACP)
  • 5% of students only had Scrum Alliance or Scrum.org certs.

Do most of the students who take the class plan to take the certification after either the DASM or DASSM?

Yes, the majority of them said they intend to take the exam.

What areas of the training do participants tend to have the most difficulty?

They struggle most with situational questions. Since this is an open book and open notes exam, straightforward questions are fairly easy to answer. When a question is situational and asks what would be the best answer, that is where some people can get tripped up. The DASM exam is pretty straightforward. On the other hand, the DASSM exam is much more difficult and has more situational questions. The questions force you to think deeply about the best answer and most students say they have to choose between two possible correct answers.

How often do you think participants pass the exam on the first attempt?

DASM exam is much easier than the DASSM so many students pass the DASM exam on their first or second attempt. It is dependent on how much the student was focused during the training and comprehended the information and/or studied before the exam. That said, approximately 80% of students that took the DASM course have passed the exam. There were some who were busy with work and other things that missed the 30-day window and weren’t able to even attempt their first try at the exam.

A great thing right now is that PMI is currently providing up to 3 attempts to pass the exam. That takes the pressure off a little and will make it easier to pass the exam. I tell my students to take their first exam attempt as soon as possible, within a week, to gauge their level of knowledge and then brush up on areas that they lacked based on their exam experience and try to take the exam again.

What are you doing now to help participants achieve the certification?

We provide a complimentary online DASM or DASSM exam prep session after the training, usually scheduled one week from class completion. In that session, we go over key focus areas. We also provide sample exam questions for students to take and get a feel for the type of questions they can expect on the exam. So far we have received a lot of great feedback on our exam prep sessions from students. They’ve said it really helped them in their preparation, confidence, and ultimately in passing the exam.

Should participants start with DASM or go directly to DASSM?

For those who are experienced agilists and have been actively practicing agile ways of working for two or more years, I recommend that they skip the DASM and go directly to the DASSM course. But before you do that, it is highly recommended that you, at a minimum, read the first 107 pages of the Choose Your WoW book by Scott Ambler and Mark Lines. PMI Members can download this book for free from the PMI site.

Those that are new to agile should start with the DASM course and then work toward the DASSM. Or if they have taken some other agile training before but haven’t really practiced agile ways of working, then start with the DASM. This will provide a solid Disciplined Agile foundation to start building agile skills.

After taking the DASM, they should take the DASSM soon after even if they don’t have the agile experience. That way they are aware and learn the advanced skills that are taught in the DASSM course. The DASSM course not only dives into more complex scenarios but also covers how to build high-performance teams, emotional intelligence, conflict management, and other useful skills that team leads need to have in their toolbox.

What advice would you give people considering taking the DA training?

Disciplined Agile is a great tool kit to learn and establish your base of understanding as you get engaged in the agile way of working. DA really helps you better understand what “being agile” really means and helps you to get your mindset in the right place before you start engaging in “doing agile” work. We all need to continuously learn and grow our knowledge to stay relevant in this fast-evolving environment we live in these days. As Albert Einstein once said, “Once you stop learning, you start dying”

Which format for training seems to be most popular, weekends, evenings, mornings, full-day vs half day?

Students whose company is paying for the training tend to prefer weekday training. Those paying out of their own pocket and working during the week tend to prefer the full-day weekend training. Students don’t want to consume their vacation time if the company doesn’t pay for it or if they are independent consultants and don’t want to lose billable hours.

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